Monday, January 9, 2012

Teal and Sage Accessories

Are you a fashionista? Hmm... I have always believed that being fashionable doesn't always mean wearing the same colors of bags and shoes daily. Wearing a plain-colored shirt on top an animal print pair of pants or leggings. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I really think that a fashionista is someone who dares wear what most people wouldn't dare to wear. She's someone who's got a 'nose' for shoes and the latest fashion finds without the wrong perception that expensive equates something that'll look good on you.

Well, the photos you will be seeing next are my shots of Teal and Sage's accessories, which I had bought from them last December. I really like them only that I didn't even get to wear them because they were my gifts to some important friends.

Well here you go...

Beaded Connector Ring

"Love" bronze necklace

"Love" bronze connector ring
Now the following photos are not mine and were taken from Teal and Sage's albums.

They have lots of accessories to choose from. Buy now before they run out of stock!
Arm Candies

Don't you just love them?

Loved them? Order any of these here.


  1. All this looks much pretty..
    Beautiful blog & informative
    Thanks for sharing..:)



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