Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amidst the Blur and Fuss

So here goes my contribution again. I made a post to stupidly tell you that it's the 2nd to be posted and that I personally like this article. I made if from the heart and I hope that other persons might be inspired as well. 

I don't know. Maybe I'm just so dramatic but I like it when I sincerely get comments such as touching their lives or becoming an inspiration to somebody else, et cetera. 

Do I want to be popular? 

I'll honestly tell you I do, but in a positive way. I'd like to be known as a person who lived her life changing other people's perceptions about life in general. I don't know but if given a chance, I'd like to have a column someday. I don't know what that may be [or what I might just be talking about in that column] but I'm up for anything so long as it's for the common good.

I sound like a politician but I don't want to be one. It runs in the blood but not in my own. Haha. Anyway, enough of this! I just like to share my happiness to all of you.

I might be writing maybe every after 2 weeks or so because I'm a little busy right now. So, grab your Sunday copies of Panay News.

By the way, I also have a friend who writes so well at Panay News. We used to be schoolmates in nursing school before.

His name is Jofer Serapio and you can find more about his 'deepest thoughts' at

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