Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Today, my mom and I were invited by my classmate in college to attend a seminar sponsored by Mary Kay. 

The Time Wise Collection. I just love this set!

Limited Edition nail polish. We won this during the raffle draw.

My mom had been using the product since I was in the 2nd grade and since then, her problem with cystic acne has been minimized. She seldom had problems since using the product.

Looking a little dainty and fresh except for the zit. Haha.
Necklace: Shoppe and Mix

Mendrez beige wedge sandals

Accessory from Shoppe and Mix

I started using Mary Kay since 2nd year college and I’ve observed how good it felt on my skin. What I like best among the set of products they have is the Timewise Collection. I most especially like the cleanser, the toner, moisturizer and [my favorite!] their liquid foundation.

Mary Kay Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation (Beige 2) and Mineral Sheer Pressed Powder
This is my mom.

She's a dentist and she's been selling Mary Kay for several years now.
She's based in Davao City but my mom met her on the plane from
Cebu to Iloilo just a few days ago.

After attending the seminar and product demonstrations, my mom had finally decided to become an independent beauty consultant. We are so excited to use the products and share its wonderful effects to the skin.

Lacey purse from Mary Kay as freebie

I definitely sell the product so if you’re interested, just e-mail me at

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