Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basilica del Santo Nino

So this is the famous Basilica del Santo Nino in Cebu. The altar is where the priest celebrates mass during the Sinulog, a famous festival in the region where anybody can dance along with the beating of the drums. This wide area you see will then be full of people come Sinulog.

These are the statues of the Popes in history. I don't know why there are just four of them but yes, they are replica of the Popes.

This is how it looks inside and on the farthest part, you can see a shrine with a lot of saints. Some ladies kneel and walk up to the alter, praying the novena. It's their form of asking for forgiveness for all the sins they have committed. They believe that if Jesus suffered enough for them, they should also suffer a bit by walking through that very long aisle.

This is a miniature copy of the shrine I was talking about in the above picture. It can get very crowded sometimes so some people choose to touch this replica instead.

I don't know what they call this but this place is on the left of the church when you enter.

I like this fountain so much. Hey! That's me, by the way.

This is my cousin, Jane. She likes to get a few candles and pray every time she's in the premises of the church. This place has been built for people who would like to have a quiet time and pray for their personal intentions.

A lot of people pray in here and those candles just never stop burning.

This is how it looks like on the outside. It's really an amazing view to behold!

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