Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Gift from the One Who Holds My Heart

This was a gift given by my boyfriend. I really like it and I've been looking for a black pair of shoes lately because my flats are a little bit 'retiring'. Haha. You may think I took this photo from some site or something, but I didn't. I took it myself.

Professional-Looking Photo
I'm not a professional photographer and I don't know how to do Adobe Photoshop, so here were the easy steps I did to achieve that edited and 'shot-taken-from-the-studio' look:

1. Get a table. Believe me. You really want to have a place a little bit higher than the floor or else, you'll suffer from backache minutes after.

2. Get a white cartolina, folder or chart. In my case, I bought an Alphabet Chart I brought from the National Bookstore and used the white back part. It was just right!

3. Put your items on top. Make sure that if you take a shot, your background is also white and keep it as clean as it can be. And...

4. Take a shot and enjoy! So that's how I got my studio-like shot of this pair of shoes. You'll be seeing more of these in my next posts.

Lifestyle Change
Anyway, I've been trying to change my fashion style and I think I'm doing just fine. My mom had always warned me about how flats make me look unattractive, but I believe otherwise. I think some people just look good on flats and I think I also look good on them, not to mention my previous post: My Interview Look: Forgetting the DOH Memorandum. I don't think I looke that bad.

I've been into colorful pieces lately and I really love the way I look and the way it makes me forget about my belly. Haha. I will show you some of my shots on my latest fashion finds and style, so keep yourselves posted. Ciao!

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