Friday, October 7, 2016

Ilocandia Tour: Baluarte ni Chavit Singson

We had no time to waste so we headed to the "Baluarte in Chavit" in Vigan City right after our tour to the Luna Shrine

This is the Safari Gallery inside Baluarte. It's pretty amazing. One of the best shots I took.

So here's what'll greet you the moment you enter the place. It's like a wide safari.

Further up, you'll find real, live animals...

This tiger over here looks a little cute from afar but just thinking about how it could cut your hand in a snap, makes me wanna have second thoughts.

These wax figures almost seem real and scary...

Looks like Mr. Singson helped in hunting these beasts down

And for our next stop: the Bantay Watch Tower.

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