Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shades of Bliss

A brief story of a budding make-up artist and beauty consultant

"...I'm complicated. I'm a picture and I speak a thousand words. I change. I blend. I go against the flow. I'm two opposite things combined in one body. I'm a living piece of art"
Brown Duck

The Red Queen

The Summer Look

The Zombie


White Swan

Forest Nymph

The Peacock
The Black Swan
These words were what Joy Jalando-on playfully chose to describe herself and the colorful world she's now delving into. She brings to life her wildest imaginations through her creative mind and skillful hands. With her brushes, false eyelashes and eye shadows of all shades and hues, she creates utmost serenity, sadness and bliss in one masterpiece combined.

Artist Profile
Joy Jalando-on is a registered nurse and a graduate of West Visayas State University in Iloilo City but resides at Bacolod City, Negros Occidental and is a freelance make-up artist and a beauty consultant for ©Mary Kay. She is planning to pursue her noble dream of being a prominent physician in Bacolod City someday.

Humble BeginningsWhat started out as every little girl's favorite play, turned out to be an eccentric work of art and a well-paying profession. Joy started out by giving free make-up makeovers to her supportive mom and cousins. Through constant practice and innovation, she was able to come up with distinctive ideas and friends started to take notice of her unique talent, asking Joy to make them her subjects. Joy is now connected with Go-C's, a modeling agency in Bacolod and does make-up on some models. 

She draws inspiration from Promise Tawang Phan and Michelle Phan, a sensational youtube make-up guru.

She uses make-up from Nichido, Fashion 21, San San and even those found in malls. She reveals that the brand doesn't matter that much but now that she's a beauty consultant at Mary Kay, she frequently uses its products. The artist's passion and workmanship makes all the difference in creating an unparalleled outcome.

On Going Further
Joy revealed that she planned to enroll on a dressmaking class immediately after last July 2010's board exam but much to her dismay, her parents didn't allow her to. She knows someday she will be able to fix everything up and put the pieces together so that she gets to do what she loves doing.
Joy Jalando-on, an art work that speaks a thousand words but most importantly, a symbol of liberty at its best.

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  1. Joy has an exceptional makeup talent. Thanks for sharing the brand that she is using :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony



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