Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fairytales, Anyone?

Whatever fairytales were for, they surely made me believe the wrong truth about love. Love isn’t for kids and these fairytales somehow make them believe the wrong concept about love when they grow up. It isn’t finding just one prince charming and living “happily ever after”.
For me, it’s when destiny takes two different individuals together to learn that they have differences they both have to accept and respect.And it’s when they decide to understand each other that they [in a sense] live happily ever after.But when they can’t settle their unique differences, sadness ensues. That’s why not even marriages end up successful in the end. It doesn’t stop there. 

You got to love everything in the person and even love what you hate, but when you can’t find it in your heart to love what you hate in the person, then go ahead. Find yourself another princess or let prince charming find you. So easy to say but not that easy to do.
I’ve had a pretty unpleasant experience with a past I will never forget. I had constantly made mistakes I wish I never have done at all because I foolishly believed that this prince charming will be the same prince charming I will grow old with. 
I made myself jump into unnecessary and petty fights I now laugh at, thinking what a fool I had been. But up until now, some scars never heal. How I wish I could bring back that day I met him and just ignore those sweet-as-candy promises and leave.  
Perhaps I wouldn’t have done those mistakes, I wouldn’t have said the words I said and I wouldn’t have thought the things I thought. Perhaps, some friendships might have still been whole right now, without blemish. Maybe some not-so-good friends may have been my closest, some friends may have still been friends and some fights may have been prevented from happening. 
And maybe, even vulgar Facebook conversations may have not been posted against me.
But even as I wonder what could have been if I didn’t succumb to those emotions, I also wonder what kind of a woman I may have been right now if I haven’t gone through those circumstances.
Because of these experiences, I’ve grown wiser and a bit stronger than the before. Thanks to those experiences I’m as hard as stone but still capable of loving. I enjoy life but with the responsibility that it warrants me and I choose people to trust so I don’t fall that often. And now, I’m in the process of making amends with people I know I’ve hurt and people who were supposed to be my close friends.
I’m not into hypocrisy. It’s just not my type.
So for those who caused those ugly scars, I can only pray that whatever Karma come your way, I hope it doesn’t bring you much pain.
I can only hope that when it rains, it just drizzles. And one thing more, it pays to be silent you know.
Now, I’m thinking, maybe my falling in love with I-thought- was-prince-charming was not that bad after all. And for fairytales, thanks for making me believe in happy ever afters.
Now I know why no fairytale made its princess cry… Because if it did, who would dare fall in love?



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