Sunday, July 17, 2011

Isn't It Sweet?

Being single has its pros and cons but I think they’re very brave individuals who dare not commit because they have lots of great stuff to do and if I were brave enough, I might just consider the thought. But since I’m not single now, I just think it’s nice having someone to share your thoughts with, someone who laughs at your silliest jokes and someone who makes you feel a little bit special just because you’re who you are.

I’ve been going through my daily routine of waking up every morning, eating three balanced meals a day, wearing my well-ironed immaculately white uniform and heading to work when I see these cute couples doing things I wish I had the guts to do. I see them very often and every time I do, I get a little envious.

Isn’t it just ‘suuweeeet’ when he…
Lends you his flip flops when your legs get tired of wearing those pair of high heels after a friend’s birthday party and walks barefoot with you to the parking lot?

Visits you at home after coming from a sleepless night duty and you’re left with no other choice but to send him away because he looks like some rotten vegetable sitting at your couch?

Waits for you for an hour or so without looking impatient and angry?

Asks you the color of your dress for prom night the day before just so he could do something to complement your look?

Grabs your hand when he sees a flock of good-looking guys approaching, implying that you’re his?

Rests his hand on your waist while strolling and talking about random thoughts?

Accompanies you to a friend and gently kisses you goodbye at the forehead because he just can’t stay any longer?

Picks you up at home, sends you to a far-flung resort to celebrate your friend’s nth birthday and plays computer games just to stay awake until the party’s all done and picks you up thereafter?
Maybe I’m feeling like a sissy right now but admit it. It’s just sweet when he does the things he does and I know when you get yourself in situations like I’ve mentioned above, you’ll want to have a boulder to keep you grounded ‘cause for sure, you’ll feel like floating on air.

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