Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Walk to Remember

Hello! I just wanna tell you that I just finished reading the book, "A Walk to Remember" yesterday. I know. I know it's kind of late-- as in very late-- but I just read it because I had no other better thing to do. And since it's a Nicholas Sparks I thought I might give it a try.

I thought it was like the movie and since I've seen the movie when I was in high school I might just forget about the thought of reading it. But I was wrong! Very wrong. 

I must admit. The movie by Mandy Moore made me cry but the book?! Unstoppable! Like just imagine me trying to hold back tears while talking to my mom facing the window so she couldn't see me crying. So you might tell me, "Heck! Why didn't you just put the book down?"

Well, I couldn't. I tried to put it down to stop my tears from falling but I ended up wanting to finish the book up to the end. It was a surge of emotions and even if I had placed it down, I would surely cry thereafter.

I like this passage in the Bible so much. I hope my husband would read me this.

This was one of my favorite lines. Thus, the photograph.


First you will smile, and then you will cry-- don't say you haven't been warned. Yeah he warned me but I just couldn't resist. Could you?

So here comes the sad part. So this must signal that starting this page on, I had been crying. Ooh! Such an "unputdownable" book!

And now... I'm up to watching the movie again. I even made an update on my Facebook page discussing about how 'A Walk to Remember' has made me cry. There were comments and likes from many people, BUT the best part? Someone was kind enough to give me his original 'A Walk to Remember' DVD right after coming back from Singapore.

Thanks, John Lubert Ong.

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