Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone! Wishing you the best Christmas ever! Well, this photo was taken at SM City here in Iloilo. I had a busy day that day considering that I had been walking and strolling the entire day from like 9AM to 6PM. Whew!

That's my adopted [though not legally] brother, Rafhael, 
my father and my mom. So you know where I got my looks, huh?

Hmm... I must tell you that I was born to a Catholic mother and a father who has this religion of [I don't know the denomination!]. Simply put, he's a Christian. I know we all are, but it's non-Catholic so some people have this notion of referring to them as Christians, if you know what I mean.

This one's kinda dark. 'Twas too late when I figured out my father used the flash.

This one looks good because I took this one. Hahaha. Kidding!

We can't put any Christmas decors at home-- just my father's request. They don't believe in Christmas though my mom and I have explained to him the gazillionth time that celebrating Christmas wouldn't mean being mislead or what. We know there's no mention of the exact date and month of His birth but celebrating His birth and commemorating wouldn't lead us to sin, would it?

Anyway, we do prepare food for Christmas Eve and he eats all the food on the table too! Sometimes we tell him not to eat because we're celebrating and he doesn't want to sin.

Before I end this post, I'd like to tell you that we have Muslim homeowners who decorate their houses with Christmas lights. They even have Christmas trees inside their homes. Ooh! I envy them so much. 

Okay, maybe ten years from now I'll have a taste of my own Christmas with the tree, decors and all. You know why? Because by that time, I might get married and I hope my husband believes in Christmas.


  1. family christmas tree guid dayun Che pareho bala sa

  2. haha! mawaras xa guro.

    hi! who are you? you can put your name if you like.

  3. I also like and enjoy X-mas trees on the street, but I'm a buddhism. haha~

  4. you're a buddhist. kkk. we're always online on skype. allen, LA and I are always chatting.

  5. I'm your friendly neighborhood. haha!
    I thought you'll recognize me right away with that kind of comment. Well, I was wrong so I think I'm gonna keep my identity mysterious. LOL!

  6. I know you. Nang Hannah? Hahaha.



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