Thursday, December 15, 2011

Latest Finds

Hello! Well this post’s kinda mixed up but I will try my best to make you understand all the pictures, make them coordinate and feel like there’s one theme. Haha. The theme’s actually about the stuff I’ve acquired lately. I don’t have a “theme title” so to speak but I’ll try to make it as fun as possible.

First on my list is this really nice Forever 21 Zebra-striped dress. Ooh! I just love this dress. I like how it actually makes you look like you’re wearing Zebra skin when it’s just some piece of deceiving cloth. Anyway, it’s really nice, so weee!

Second is the Ice Watch I bought from Hannah. It’s a cute pink watch with candy-colored numbers, big round design and a strap that reminds me of a time when I always wanted to buy pink, shiny and star-dusty girl and kid stuff. So to Nang Hannah: my ‘cutest’ thanks. J

Sorry about the not-so-good shot.
Next, is this purple and black (Actually I’m not sure about the colors because when it’s day time, it looks all purple and black but when it’s night time, it looks a little like royal blue. Thus, you know when this shot was taken.) Daisy Fuentes satin long sleeves.

I just like the “formal” feel it gives me. I don’t know but I’ve always been attracted to clothes, which make me look very formal and respectable. Hahaha.

I used to remember my ex-boyfriend telling me how his friends thought my fashion looked like some “mom fashion” of some sort, but I believe otherwise. I’m just not into wearing t-shirts. They make me look ordinary and plain [I think].

It’s got a stretchable end on its sleeves so I get to put it up (but not roll it up) a little above my elbows. I try to make that ruffles and it makes me feel like some bridesmaid or something.

Next on the list is my Xhilaration black and brown satin blouse. It’s kinda plain but I like the material so I bought it. I’ve been into buying clothes which do not easily crumple, so that when I have to travel I don’t have to worry about them anymore. Bye bye ironing! Haha.

And last but not the least, this Figlia ‘maong’ or jean material high heels with brown leatherette straps. It’s like so tiring to wear but I like the sexy feel it gives me. I just think all women feel sexy when they wear something that makes them feel so towering and stuff.

I used to love wearing flats most of the time but I’ve changed that statement lately because my mom told me I look better when in heels than when in flats. And for the first time, I agreed.

Thanks for dropping by. See you in my next posts!

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