Thursday, March 24, 2016

Visita Iglesia: Goal Met!

You may be wondering why I have photos of churches and 7 names of them listed under, "Visita Iglesia".

Well, let me begin by defining Visita Iglesia
This was one nice painting I found when I stared up the ceiling of a church. I don't remember where I saw this though. Haha.
Visita Iglesia, otherwise known as the Seven Churches Visitation is a traditional practice observed by almost all Roman Catholic Filipinos during the Holy Week.

Between the months of March and April, the church announces the week when the so-called "Holy Week" would fall. Starting on Thursday to Saturday on that said week, most Filipinos would go to churches and remember how Jesus Christ died on the cross to save mankind. 

It's that day when all establishments are closed except for some gasoline stations. [I heard establishments usually close on Thursdays and resume work on a Friday or on a Saturday. So you better stock lotsah food in the house.]

It's also that sad and lonely day when you seldom see people walking on the streets except those places near churches and bus terminals [some people just need to go back home, you know].

However, it's also that day when you get to just rest at home or go to beach resorts to unwind with family and friends. 

As for me, we decided to do the Seven Churches Visitation for today as our penance during the Lenten Season. I'd like to take some time remembering how Someone so selfless sacrificed Himself for all of us. 

It's one pretty long weekend for most Filipinos including me, of course! Hope you have that meaningful weekend. :)

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