Friday, March 25, 2016

My Own Version of "E G G R O L L S"

Hello there!

Today, I kinda felt I wanted to eat something I could just make in minutes and something I could cook straight from what I have left from the fridge. 

I was watching this show on TV where they ate and ate so I kinda felt hungry and so I wanted to make my own version of egg rolls.

I really love to eat at Korean restaurants and their egg rolls always take my breath away. Hahaha.
So here goes... Originally they used Spam for the meat, onions, tomatoes, carrots, etc. which they altogether put into the beaten eggs.
In my case, I used some longganisa we had for breakfast the other day and put in some onions & tomatoes.

First, you gotta heat the pan and put butter. Then you cook all the mixture into the pan and put some rice on top before you start folding the egg rolls.

And then there you have it! My very own version of easy-to-cook Egg Rolls. :)

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