Monday, June 16, 2014

The Tavern on the 10th Street

Holla! It's been a loooooong time since I last posted. My apologies. And to make up for the months of idleness with regards to blogging I bring you my latest post.

Chicken Nachos
Lovely, isn't it? It's The Tavern on the 10th Street's Chicken Nachos as the caption would suggest. But would you agree that it doesn't look like any other ordinary nachos? Haha. Perhaps, the parmesan has a lot to do with it but the taste-- something I cannot quite describe in here-- is something that I guess you should try for yourself.

The "Tavern" as most people would call it [and to keep it short and simple], opened its doors to the Ilonggos March of 2013 serving a wide array of delicacies from nachos, fish fingers, burgers, pastas, rice meals... to mouth-watering desserts.

Potato Pancakes [takes 45 minutes to prepare as it's served fresh daily]

Owned and managed by Ariel V. Castañeda, The Tavern on the 10th Street became a place where youngsters and the youngsters at heart [Yeah! I belong to that generation. Haha...] would meet up with friends, spend quality time, drink beverages of all sorts (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and simply have fun.

The place is pretty nice-- simple with a touch of character found in Ariel's choice of wall color, placement of chairs and tables, and the cute little collection of DVDs and should I say, antique pieces on the shelves... It's simply a place where people of all ages, people of different walks of life can simply go to.

Need I say more about what kind of a place this is? For me, it's a place where you can simply be yourself with people who matter to you. It's that kind of place where you go to when you suddenly miss your friends and decide to do some catching up. It's a place where you can just stay when you don't have anything to do after school or work. It's a place where you can probably bring your family and little kids when you want to enjoy good food... It's... Oh! Just see for yourself and you'll know what I mean. Haha.

I really like this idea of using the typical "Nata de Coco" container as a concoction glass.
Way to go, Ariel! You're making Mother Earth really proud. :)
How could I almost forget! The Tavern on the 10th Street is located at Aurora Subdivision, Tan Guzman Building, Iloilo City. For more details, you can text or call them at 0916 257 6610. 

And oh! Did I mention a cameraman filming while you're eating your food? Lol.

Just kidding.

Join me in my next blog post to find out what this guy and this cameraman are doing at The Tavern on the 10th Street. Are they shooting for a commercial? 

Hmmm. Sorry but I can't tell you yet. *Wink*


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