Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dining at Ponsyon by Breakthrough

I've always wanted to travel, see many beautiful places and of course, EAT! Perhaps one of the best things about my working as a teacher in a language center is that I get to dine out in different restaurants, go to different places and do a lot of exciting activities I never thought were possible. 

Aligue Rice and Grilled Pork Belly
I mean, I'm definitely not Ms. Congeniality and I often hesitate to do things or try something new, but with my students, I feel like I've got nothing to lose. They make me value and live life as if it were my last. Sometimes, I do regret ever spending that much at the end of day, but after a long time and I start reminiscing about the past... It just makes me happy and smile.

Grilled Managat

Anyway, these were shots at Ponsyon, a restaurant by Breakthrough at Plazuela de Iloilo. Breakthrough's really a popular restaurant here in Iloilo especially when it comes to seafood. They've got all the mouth-watering Filipino dished you could ever think of! The famous Breakthrough restaurant is situated in Villa, but Ponsyon is located at Plazuela de Iloilo near SM City.

Your money's worth it and the waiters and waitresses are just so kind and polite. 

Grilled Pork Belly = Ssamgyupsal for Koreans

Teacher Yuri and my third dad, Jay Jeon


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    1. Yes, it is. You should give it a try if you come to iloilo.



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