Friday, April 6, 2012

NEO News Plus

You may have forgotten so let me reiterate that I am a presently working as a teacher at NEO International Language Center. I've been working full-time for almost 6 months now. However, I am planning to leave and pursue my nursing career as mandated by Parents and Relatives Act of 2012.

That's me and Teacher Carl
I really feel bad about leaving especially that the staff as well as my students have played such an important role in changing the way I view life, work and love in general. I really don't want to go but the law is the law. Do I have a choice? Yeah. Sure I do. I can actually decide but it's going to be one month of cold war in the house. Haha. 

Me and my boys
From L to R: Teacher Erl, Teacher Ronnie and Teacher Renz
Deciding on what to do next. Boy did we feel nervous!
Well that's me, and I look pregnant! Hahaha.
Anyway, enough of my UNSURE future. Let's just hit it with my post about our school's activity for the month of March.It's NEO News Plus. Well before I touch that subject any deeper, I'd like to inform you that our school holds monthly activities for the students to enjoy. [Hmm. Did I say enjoy?]

Anyway, these were some shots my student took during the event:

From L to R: Teacher Steve, Richie, Renz and Sandy
Sir Johnny, Ms. Sky, Teacher Clara, Ms. Janice and Teacher Renz

Our panel of judges (although it's not so clear)
From L to R: Teacher Clara, Mel and Yuri

Awarding of the Winner
Best Student of Month: Shota Komukai
The birthday celebrators: Teacher Hans, Teacher Vito and Teacher Pauleen
(Actually, there were a lot more but only the 3 of them showed up to receive their cake.
Singing a Korean song with Teacher Clara and Jaewon Kim
That's Teacher Tom assisting his student
A song number from Japanese student Yasutaka Kishimoto

There were four more contestants. However, these were the only shots we got.

Photo Credit:  ©Kyungmin Joo

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