Thursday, February 16, 2012

Metropolitan Cathedral

This is how the church looks like on the sides. I really like the park because it's just so relaxing.
A lot of people come to this place to sit with family and friends sometimes and they don't even look like they're there to go to mass or do some religious obligations.

I really like to look at this flight of stairs.

 And this, for me, is the best view inside the church.

This is a shop named after Pedro Calungsod, a Filipino saint.


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  3. Hello, Chachamisu and Delhi Escorts! Thanks for dropping by. I'm really happy I helped in solving your little confusion. *wink*

  4. Very nice post Chairein! Love the pics, what camera do you use? Thanks!

  5. These pictures are GORGEOUS!! Love it!

  6. Hi, Louis Delos Angeles! Thank you. I just use a simple HP digital camera. I forgot the model.



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