Saturday, May 21, 2016

Skywalk + Edge Coaster = Sky Coasting

 Just months ago, my friends and I visited the beautiful city of C E B U !
We sure had a lot of things to do in mind. Our journey took us from the city to the breathtaking towns of Badian, Alegria and Moalboal. But for now, I'll be sharing with you my experience at Crown Regency Hotel's SKYWALK and EDGE COASTER.

So it was actually my first time to be walking 126.55 meters (to be exact) above the ground with an overhead safety harness. Whew! At first glance, it looked pretty easy until the moment I took my first step. 

Well, this crazy lady is my cousin. She seems to have been working here for a long time. Just kidding! She's just so comfortable with dangling her leg/s everywhere. Can't blame her. It's her nth time doing this "Skywalk" thing.

This was a relief! But I still felt nauseous and I couldn't believe I just made it halfway.

I just wanted to sit there forever but you see, my friends loved it a lot. Hahaha.

This photo was taken before I took my first step and right after we took our International Buffet Dinner on the 32nd (?) floor. Hmmm... The package we took was the one with the buffet dinner but since the restaurant closes at 10pm, we had dinner before the nerve-wrecking Skywalk and Edge Coaster.

And right after we took off our clothes, we headed straight to the Edge Coaster.

I thought I would die that night. There were safety straps (whatever you call them) but I felt that I could jiggle my way out of that seat if I was stupid. And, we understood the instructions wrong. So the whole time, we were tilted to the MAXIMUM angle while this machine was moving. Had we known, we wouldn't have had that unnecessary stress, thinking we could die any time. 

After we finished, I asked the guide if there were instances of accidents and he said no. Okay. So I was wrong with my "jiggle" theory.

Til next time!

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